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About us

What is UC Money?

UC Money is an innovative fintech platform from UCML Investment Management Limited. The primary objective is to provide its clients with an easy secured way of saving for the future. UCML Investment Management Limited will employ the same disciplined approach it utilizes when managing portfolios for high net worth individuals and corporates for your savings plan

Instead of putting your savings in the traditional banking institution where your returns are in the low single digits – UC Money now provides you access to a higher yielding portfolio. Your savings via UC Money are typically invested in treasury bills and government bonds – hence it comes with little or no risk just like putting your money in the bank but again better returns.

Start today open your own UC Money portfolio and enjoy the benefits of a high roller!!!

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How we compare

Annual interest rate

Withdrawal charges

Security Investment


Hidden charges

Commercial Bank

0 - 3%

Charges apply


SMS / Account maintenance

Charges apply

UC Money

5 - 8%

No Charge

Highly secured

No fee

Zero Charges


Digital Savings Platforms

3 - 6%

5% Breaking fee

Not very secured

No fee

No Charges


Learn more about us

What is UC Money?

UC Money is a simple innovative way of saving for a future planned expenditure

Is there a minimum or maximum I can save?

You can save as little as N500 and there is no maximum you can save.

How frequently can I save?

You can save as frequently as once a week or you can do a lump sum saving.

How long can I save for?

We would advise that you save for a minimum of 3 months to enjoy the full benefits of saving. However, should you have an urgent need, UC Money allows you to withdraw part of your savings at no penalty after the first month

What is the interest on my savings?

Your interest at UC Money will always be higher than those with the traditional banks and very competitive to other financial institutions.

What investment instruments are my savings invested in?

Your savings are invested in extremely safe Government Treasury Bills and bonds and high investment grade corporate bonds.

Who manages my investments?

UC Money has partnered with UCML Investment Management Limited, a SEC regulated financial institution. The investment professionals at UCML Investment have a combined experience of over 50 years managing client’s portfolio.

Are there bank/hidden charges?

There are no charges on your investments.

What kind of debit card can I use?

You can use any debit card issued by a Nigerian bank

How do I withdraw my investment?

You can withdraw your investment using the UC Money app or via the website. Follow the easy steps and your investments will be deposited into your account within 48 hours.

How secure is my information?

UC Money has invested heavily in ensuring that all client information is properly secured using the very latest encryption secured gateway. We are also constantly updating these gateways.

How is my interest paid?

Your interest will automatically be paid into your UC Money savings portfolio.

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